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The Story of The Mermaid Oracle

Stacie Noel sparkled into this world with the gift of clairvoyance, strong intuition, and ineffable imagination. She  studied the realm of dreams since she was a child; practicing astral projection, lucid dreaming and dream interpretation.


As she grew older, she continued her studies in occult sciences and psycho spiritual therapy. Her main area of study is the tarot, numerology, cartomancy, and dream interpretation. 

With an interest in all things divination, Stacie is knowledgeable in lipsology, palmistry, and tea leaf readings.


Graduating with a diploma in addictions counselling and community work, she is dedicated to helping others with her diverse skills in transformative arts.


Stacie has been reading cards on street corners, cafes, storefronts, private functions, and corporate events since 2011. She has appeared on Innerspace, a psychic commercial for Westjet, and in various articles on the occult and tarot.

Another passion of hers is research and teaching. Stacie has been leading numerous workshops and class series on how to read tarot cards and historical tarot.

Her love for psychic arts is constantly growing and developing with an overall theme of leading others to realize their true calling and uncovering their unique gifts.


But why mermaids?

Mermaids are our connection with the subconscious mind. They swim through waters of our psyche; curious, magical, on a quest to uncover the truth. Known to be shapeshifters and oracles. As a child, Stacie had vivid dreams from aquatic realms, revealing prophecies and insights to her future. She uses the mermaid as her guide and connection to dance, creativity, and play.




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