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What's new and exciting in the world of The Mermaid Oracle?


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Workshops, Classes, and Private Coaching


For the last 10 years, I have been running workshops and class series on the tarot, numerology, and tarot history. My studies come from reading various occult books, attending group lectures hosted by members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, online lectures on it's history and connections, my travels in Italy (known as the birthplace of Tarot), and through human experience .  I started reading tarot on the street for change and for practice, and dove deep into the art of fortune telling. While I do believe it is a great tool for psychotherapy and digging into the sub conscious, I still believe it is important to value it's roots as a system for divination and predictions.


Workshop and Class series offerings

* A fool's journey - a 5 class in depth series looking into the suits, spreads, and history

* Tarot basics and more - a fun workshop offering an intro to tarot and reading techniques

* Historical Tarot -a workshop and show and tell looking at the timelines of tarot, fun facts, connections, various cards in cartomancy, and I will show my collection of historical decks


If you would like to book a workshop for yourself and a group, host a class at a your shop, or are interested in private coaching, feel free to connect at

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