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The Mermaid Oracle

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Stacie Noel is a natural clairvoyant with over 12 years experience reading tarot at events and for one on one clients.  She  studied the realm of dreams as child; focusing her attention on dream interpretation and astral projection. As she grew older she continued her studies in mystic arts with a great focus on tarot, numerology, astrology, and cartomancy.  This led her to study various methods in divination such as tea leaf readings, lip print readings, and palmistry.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot is a great divination practice to gain insight into the past, present, and the future. It assists with the decision making process, and allows you to see what opportunities and struggles will come your way during certain transitions in your life.

Tarot takes what's on your subconscious mind and paints into on these beautiful mages for you to see and dissect.

Numerology Readings

Each Tarot reading is layered with Numerology insights. Numerology allows us to look into your cycles to see what energy is with you for the year. 

This can assist in planning timelines for moving, weddings, job opportunities, creation, transformation, travel, and more.

Along with calculating cycles, a life path number is calculated to provide insights into personality traits, hobbies, career paths, spirituality, and family life.

Lip print Readings
Lipsology is the art of reading lip prints. The querent will apply a lip stain and kiss a blank card to be assessed by the reader. Personality traits, emotions, energy levels, and special characteristics will be analyzed through the shape, size, and lines on the imprint. 
A fun tool for personality insights and a great add on for your event.
Cartomancy Readings
Cartomancy is fortune telling using a set of playing cards or lenormand cards. Similar to tarot, but with less emphasis on psychology. Used more for divination and prediction; it can provide insights into material and practical matter.



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