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Fantasy Photoshoots

Create the world you dream of...
Stacie Noel specializes in costuming, set design, makeup, and photography to transform imaginary dreamscapes into reality. She is available for photo shoot parties and one on one fantasy photo sessions. Please inquire within.

Mermaid Revel


This was a dream turned into a reality. Stacie had a vision for a mermaid photoshoot, and it came alive. Here she collaborated with another photographer from Green Bee Media. 

Set design/Producer: Stacie Noel

Photographer: Green Bee Media

Makeup: Stacie Noel, Kimberly Young, Paul Zulauf



Here we have a Rapunzel photoshoot which was taken on UofT campus to commemorate Bo's lovely long dread locks.

Through the looking glass

This is the first of the Fantasy photoshoot series, dated back to the spring of 2012. Stacie started this project due to her vast imagination that stretches from sea to sea. A love for costumes, set deisgn, modeling, and photography, the vision to create magical realms and photos had to come alive.

Enter the Labryinth

Here we set off for an adventure in High park, to create a hybrid of The Labryinth and Pan's Labyrinth.

Witches and Wizards go to school

We teamed up again, but this time at UofT campus, and created some witchy scenes.

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