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Mermaid Entertainment


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Mermaid Birthday Party Package


Meet The Mermaid Oracle, the city Mermaid. 

Living in the depths of the ocean, with a longing to dance, she made a promise to the Queen of the Waters that if she were granted legs to dance, she must teach the mortals on land about our connection with water, mer culture, and the power of imagination.


Party Package Includes:


Mystical Entrance

Your guests will be enchanted by the mermaid's  entrance as she will re create a mermaid realm, with and introduction and story telling


Mermaid Dance

The Mermaid Oracle will perform her dance to give thanks to the Queen of the Ocean and mystify your guests


Show and Tell

The Mermaid Oracle has special gifts from the water realm to show and pass around while teaching about mer culture. 


Mermaid Craft

The Mermaid Oracle will guide the little merfolk through a special craft that helps to grant wishes.


Mermaid Wish Ceremony

Once the merfolk are finished preparing their special wish bottle, they will be guided through a special mermaid wish ceremony


Mermaid birthday party entertainment is recommended for children 3-10 years of age.




good for up to 6 children


$50/extra half hour


Add On's:

You can add a one of a kind hand made Mermaid in Canada starfish headpiece for the Birthday girl or guests

1 headpiece- $20

Each additional headpiece- $15

For a large quantity please enquire within for a special deal!


Educational Program


Since The Mermaid Oracle was a child, she dreamed of having legs like the humans so she could dance. She made a wish to the Queen of the Ocean and was granted legs on one condition, while she is on land, she must teach the humans how to heal the waters, reduce pollution through creation, and about mermaid culture.


This Mermaid Culture class involves educational storytelling, movement, sound, imagination, and a creative upcycled craft to do with the class.


Please contact:

for more information on Mermaid Culture 





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