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Past events by Mermaid in Canada

Family friendly events and entertainment for all
Never Never Land

On Saturday August 23rd 2014, Mermaid in Canada hosted an event at The Lagoon Theatre on Toronto Island. It was a fun filled day of exploration, trasure hunting, face painting, sword making, music and dancing for children of all ages, and for their parents too.

Mermaid 101

August 8th 2014, Mermaid in Canada visited Lil' Bean n' Green cafe and play area. An educational Mermaid class was lead by Stacie Noel which included a story about recycling, a movement excercise, and a wish ceremony. 

Big on Bloor

On July 19-20 2014 Mermaid in Canada set up shop on Bloor street for the annual Big on Bloor festival. Treasures and trinkets were sold, faces were painted, and fortunes and stories were told. Mermaid in Canada has an array of upcycled jewelry and costumes, and art prints made by from local artists. 

Roncy Rocks

On Saturday June 14th 2014, Mermaid in Canada teamed up with Melanie Rowsen from Creative Roots studio for an underwater music and movement extravaganza. The children loved making music so the frozen mermaid can feel comfortable and dance!

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