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Stacie is an extremely vibrant and highly intuitive individual, she did Tarot for me this past summer and it was as educational as it was accurate. Her infinite creativity, style and charisma can rival any task she is set out to complete.
-Julian Burreci (House of Energy drop in)
Witnessing from afar for years, the world that glided around Stacie Noel grew larger and larger. Like a magic trick, the excitement, positivity, and numerical dominance of her crowd grew and grew. Years passed – years, before that distinguished and leaf-turning day where I got a reading finally came. Before me, this Doctret of time, light, and insight brought unto me realms and worlds of pure knowing that a great excitement began to grow inside of me. It has not ceased to this moment, some three months later. Stacie Noel reads souls. She will reveal an inner beauty and truth inside yourself that will change your life forever after – starting with your perception of it. My endorsement could never ring long or loud enough, entrust your self-awareness to this jewel of the seas. Long live the spirit of Stacie Noel; a brilliant future would make a model of her soul.
-Casey Reece (House of Energy drop in)
My tarot reading with Stacie was very uplifting. I left our time together reenergized & optimistic after hearing what she shared with me.       
-Missy Cohen (Private reading)
Things went well with Stacie on Wednesday. All of the feedback I received was very positive. I have heard only great things from my colleagues that did participate in a reading. Thank-you for your services. We will keep you in mind for any future opportunities. Enjoy your weekend!
-Sarah & Melanie (Boom! Marketing, Office Health & Wellness / Halloween Event)
Stacie was fantastic. She did an excellent job and our guests were thrilled. We all commented on how accurate her readings were and we would definitely recommend her to others. Matt and I truly thank you for all of your support and planning for the evening.
-Kimberly (Bachelorette Party)
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