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Tarot Basics and More....Again!

Due to requests, and great feedback, I am happy to announce that I will be running my Tarot workshop again on March 30th 2016.


Join Stacie Noel, workshop facilitator of psychic arts, founder of Mystic Arts Collective, and professional tarot reader, for an exploration session into the world of the Tarot. This class is great for beginners who would like to explore the realm of tarot and psychic arts and for counselors and psychotherapists who would like to add another tool to their practice. Note: This class will not be going through all the major and minor arcana cards. There is just so much information and my job is not to bore you and put you to sleep, it is to help you learn and feel comfortable with your reading skills! Outline: History of tarot Key points for beginners Daily exercises for your practice Characteristics of major and minor arcana Finding your archetype Meaning of numbers The elements Important spreads...... And more will be covered in a fun and interactive workshop! What to bring: Your deck (If you don’t have one yet, I have extras to use, or decks can be purchased at House of Energy) Notebook Pen Prerequisite: Story of the Tarot Once registered, you will be emailed the story outline and will be required to read it (it’s not long) to gain a better understanding before you begin About Stacie: Stacie Noel sparkled into this world with the gift of clairvoyance, strong intuition, and ineffable imagination. She had studied the realm of dreams since she was a child; practicing astral projection, lucid dreaming and dream interpretation.As she grew older, she continued her studies in occult sciences and psycho spiritual therapy. Her main area of study is the Tarot and dream interpretation, with knowledge in numerology, astrology, tea leaves, and palmistry.She currently works as a psychic for special events, private readings, and has hosted past events such as: “A Fool’s Journey” intro to tarot, “Tarot in the Park” at Dufferin Grove, “Tarot Tuesdays” at Rosewill Studio, and “Mystic Arts Collective” mystical art shows.She travelled to Bologna Italy to visit the “Museo dei Tarocchi” a tarot museum, and learned new information about the history of tarot and influence in Italy. Her article can be found here: Website: Email: Date: March 30th 2016 Time: 7pm-10pm Location: House of Energy Fee: $30 Only 12 spots Pre-registration is required!!events/c175k

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