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Limitation is the bridge to creation

It's a weird time.

Happy Spring Equinox!

During this pandemic, I want you to take a breath and think about limitations. Without them, we are free to roam and do whatever we please, but perhaps get lots in too many ideas?

Sometimes you need a little box, a limit, to focus on an idea. During this self isolation, I have been at a high peak of creation. Finishing neglected projects, working with what I have, not losing concentration.

With a little limitation, your mind can problem solve and build around it, allowing for more creative and concrete flow.

It's like if someone said "Here, create an art piece and you can use all the tools in the world" You may feel a bit overwhelmed, there is a lot out there and what will it be? A sculpture? A painting? An art installation? But, if they were to say "Here create an art piece with this theme, using these tools and these colours" you may feel more at ease, can get things done faster, and your creativity will want to jump out even more as it tends to push the boundaries.

So try to use this time to see what you can bring forth this spring!

Happy Spring Equinox

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