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Journaling is Magick

Journaling is magick.

It’s the first step into actualizing your goals. If you keep all those ideas stuck in your head then they can get lost in another dimension or even multiply into more ideas in which you can’t seem to get a hold of just 1. So write em out. Spend 5 mins a day just writing. About anything. How was your day? What did you learn? Did anything inspire you? How do you feel? What is occupying your mind? What would you like happen to you? When making a wish/goal/vision I like to imagine stepping into that wish and seeing what it would feel like. Where does it take you? How do you feel? How the heck did you get there? You can start small, or dream big if you strongly believe that it is achievable. Perhaps even write a little story about your year. Look for patterns. If you journal daily or frequently, then you can get a good look at your yearly story.

Happy journaling everyone!

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